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Refund Policy

We will promptly address all refund requests in accordance with the specified terms and conditions.

Refund Policy

Expert Unavailability

The situation where an assigned expert is unavailable to assist you is highly unlikely. However, if such an instance occurs and you have already made full payment for the assignment, you have the option to order another assignment of equivalent cost. Meanwhile, the full amount paid by you will be transferred to your MABWallet© .

Missed Deadline

If your assigned expert is unable to complete your assignment within the specified deadline, you can request a refund, which will be subject to a thorough investigation by our customer support team. It is important to note that assignment help is a collaborative process, and if you fail to respond timely to our expert's queries (within 12 hours of being posted on the student portal interface) or if inadequate information provided by you leads to a missed deadline, we will not entertain any full or partial refund requests.
In cases where it is determined that the delay is due to the inability of our expert, you may be eligible for a refund ranging from 50% to 100% of your order. The approved refund amount will be transferred to your MAB Wallet©. Any deductions, if applicable, are made because the assigned expert has already been fully compensated in advance. Rest assured, appropriate actions will be taken against the writer for any delays on their part. The decision of our customer support team in this matter is final, following the guidelines outlined in our Refund Policy.

Fail Grade Received on Assignment

In the unlikely event that you receive a fail grade, you have the right to request a refund by submitting an authentic grade sheet along with your professor's feedback within 60 days of receiving the completed solution. We will verify the grading sheet provided and investigate whether the low writing quality or inadequate reference solution contributed to the unsatisfactory grade, considering the grading index and learning outcomes of your assessment.

For any shortcomings identified on the part of our expert, we will process a refund ranging from 50% to 100% of your order by transferring the equivalent amount to your MAB Wallet©. The decision of the customer support team in this matter is final.
Please note that refund requests submitted after 60 days of receiving the assignment reference solution will not be entertained.

Important Note: Assignment Help is a subjective service, and our experts strive to assist you to the best of their knowledge, efforts, and references, enabling you to create A-grade worthy assignments. However, achieving good grades ultimately depends on your diligence. Our tutoring process is designed to minimize any potential incompetence, making the chances of failure minimal. To maintain the integrity of the tutoring domain, we do not process cash refunds, except. Instead, we provide a wallet service where the refunded amount is held and can be used to purchase any other service from our website.

Money-Back Guarantee*

The "Money Back Guarantee" option is available if you receive a fail grade.
Approved refunds in such cases will be transferred to your MAB Wallet©. Cash refunds are not processed under the Money-Back Guarantee provision.
The Money-Back Guarantee request can only be initiated when you provide the original grade report, which will be thoroughly investigated by our customer support team. The findings will be communicated to you, and the decision of the customer support team will be final in this matter.
*The Money-Back Guarantee cannot be availed in the following cases:
• Orders with pending partial payments.
• Assignment submission deadlines of less than or equal to 72 hours.
• If 60 days have passed since the assignment solution was delivered by our expert.
Cases Where Refund Requests Will Not Be Processed
• Refund requests will not be entertained if the submission deadline for your assignment is less than 72 hours.
• Refund requests for orders with pending partial payments will not be processed.
• Assignment Help Services are akin to tutoring services, and therefore, cash refunds are not provided, except in the case of duplicate payments.
• We are only liable to process refund requests if the student/user has actively communicated with experts and has provided sufficient learning material related to the assignment work.
• As an educational assistance service platform (, we will only entertain refund requests raised within 60 days of receiving the final order solution.

Refunds in case of duplicate payments:

In case of duplicate payments, we will initiate the refund to the source account. The time period for the same will be 7-14 working days depending on the bank and the payment gateway.

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